7 Festive Mobile Games to satisfy the whole family this Christmas and New Year(2020)

Ade M. Campbell
5 min readNov 29, 2019

Winter is starting to grip and keep restless kids inside, where siblings or family members will get tired (or tiresome!) waiting for Christmas.

What you need: quick access to some screen-based, magical amusement to infuse some Christmas cheer and occupy energies in solo or shared activities.

From virtual pets to virtual tree decorating, look no further than this handy quick-list to some hidden gems and ‘app crackers’ waiting for you to download and open. They’re not completely mindless either, like many action or shooting alternatives, and they can bring turn-based fun for all.

We’ve selected ones to satisfy mobile game app expectations: from jigsaws, to candy-crush-saga-style, to hidden objects, and others. So you may end up downloading all of them, just to provide the range of different game experiences in one big cosy bundle!

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

Never underestimate the pleasing power of a jigsaw puzzle, especially the jolly sort.

A wide array of festive imagery to start easing you into the mood is available here and shuffled up, with difficulty options (numbers of pieces) you can adjust for different ages.

Hidden Objects: Christmas Gifts

The big attraction with these games are the glorious HD images once again. But here you’ll be studying quickly and closely for just one thing amongst lots of others. You can tell there’s been a lot of effort put into these gorgeously jumbled up festive scenes.

Use the magnifying glass if you’re really struggling to find an item to get a closer view. These games are still great for concentration, and getting some peace in the home!

Fishdom (Playrix)



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