7 ways to keep positive about climate change

Ade M. Campbell
7 min readSep 24, 2019
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This summer has been a wake up call around the planet as temperatures climbed to record-breaking levels again. It can be easy to give in to negative feelings or a lack of hope — a lack of control — over the future when in fact we just need to open ourselves up to new and better outlooks. It can also be easy to forget how pretty amazing people can be when they begin to share a similar mindset or sense of urgency, and this mindset is growing; that our society can function much more in harmony with nature.

This article is to provide some suggestions about how to keep positive and proactive, especially since there are in fact abundant solutions out there from a local level to the larger ones.

When a majority of people accept a new perspective and have started seeing and agreeing on new solutions, then whole cultures, movements and even civilisations can be born.

Science-fiction paints advanced or exciting vistas of technologically-enhanced cities and spaces but what if this chilly vision has it got it wrong all this time? What if the future will actually be all about how technology re-introduces nature back into our lives and living spaces, with green, landscaped cities, more trees and hydroponic-like systems everywhere.

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1. Permaculture

Permaculture is a good road towards this future. It’s a lot more than just a ‘lazy’ way of gardening. The word itself comes from a mix of ‘agriculture’ and ‘culture’ and is a movement that is all about permanence. I mean, you can leave nature alone and watch it recover from us, which it would do, but in the meantime we have to live and eat.

So what makes for a permanent culture? How can farming be more permanent? It would certainly be more cost effective. It shows that we can have everything from our household energy systems to our sewage systems, to our very preoccupations as a species, re-designed more in tandem with nature to make everyone their own producers, instead of relying on central or even temporary resources.



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