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Welcome to the future, and the past…

I’ll be adding more of my speculative game-world / metaverse writings here onto Medium.

Themes/questions raised include:

Fountellion in The Spiral

A gateway to a long-awaited game-world has opened for those who've found a key. This includes Dan Harvester, a guy who lives in a run-down apartment with his cat and runs a gaming channel. He's almost done playing and testing out VR games, but this one could be his final chance to - truly - level up. What can it promise to him, and all its early access 'pioneers'?  

'Fountellion' said to be 'green' game-world full of artificial life that mimics the laws of the natural world, with its…

Waves… breaking…

Natter: New #VR #SPIRAL world: Now in development is reported to be an ‘ultimate game’ …a ‘green game’ deeply-rooted to the natural world / the source… Disruptive? What do YOU want from this? Let us know… @spiraltimes #greengame #fountellion

Waves… breaking… Right now I’m thinking of them. I think of their sound, and I know they’re the simulated waves that fall across the tidal estuary on — or in — Fountellion. …

[Extracts : Early ‘Spiral Sessions’ with Pioneer Dan Harvester in Fountellion: Progression One]

SUPER-LOG (2) : Doorway

See also the related Walkthrough Notes (Game Design)


Coffee, brown sugar: mostly drunk.
Pet cat: fed, watered and secured.
Phone reception: linked to VR gear.
Apartment config: auto controlled (low-level)


‘Ok, fellow cybernauts; gamers and explorers of the virtual… I decided I would begin at the official doorway. Oh yeah, I’ve got one of the special access keys. Found it where it was well-buried, if you like, on a Revel-planet, of all places. And so now that I’m all…

Speculative fragments from the VR/AR metaverse future

The following piece of writing about ‘an ultimate game’ was written very early on, around 2009, before the concept of ‘Fountellion’ was later explored further. [only a few new edits here in 2021.]


Virtual Reality is Out of Control… ‘Let me remember the dream again for a moment. Let me hold it in my mind. For with everything it has become — a shadowy reflection, a hollow advertisement — it is getting easier and easier to forget. And lately, many of its shadows have been haunting me. The shadows of paths never…

[Extract : Early ‘Spiral Sessions’ with Pioneer Dan Harvester]

<Pinng!> “…You’ve received a new email, Dan.”

“I’ll just read it on my wrist, ok?”

I’m in no mood to hear my house-bot’s dry voice today; not even to listen to the confirmation of new access into another super-alluring, super game world…

Actually, the title of the message just read: ‘A Personal Invitation…’

Oh yeah, it was the one I found in the pocket of my avatar.

I’ve not had a ‘personal’ invitation to anything; for quite a while. I know it’s not a fake; I have been expecting the message…


Last night he’d had the dream again. He was struggling in slow-motion down a city street, tumbling over barriers, while wearing something heavy — riot gear, including a shock vest — but it was all vague and emotional. He wore head protection — again — a kind of visor or helmet, of course. He’d been pushing, forcing his way against something. It felt like being in a riot. But the street had been… empty. Nothing and no-one. Just himself, wrestling forwards — alone.

And now this morning, this lethargy. And all the usual…

Entry by Loxley 2, Virtual Order of Cyber-Knights & Foresters

I dip my cyber-quill and write these words with a delicate ease. I stain the squares of virtual parchment, to begin a blog that aims to provide some chronicle of the forces and events that now exist across the realms.

Having broken as a renowned Clan, we used our skills to build this place, a platform for the security of our fellowship. For it is here that the real meaning to our connected secondary lives began to overtake us…

We started out as a Game Clan in the gaming sectors…

Ade M. Campbell

Writer, NFT artist + minter, explorer of new tech, games and crypto: Ade’s Press:

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