A Coffee Poem re-written by CHAT-GPT (Mar23 version)

Ade M. Campbell
3 min readApr 15, 2023


Early DALL-E generated image 2022

Here is my freeverse poem ‘Coffee Cup Thoughts’ re-written via OpenAI’s CHAT-GPT main website.

It might help creatives/poets see how it’s possible to use this technology to improve or re-visit existing creative work, and generate ‘original’ variations.

This is the exact prompt that I used into Chat-GPT:

Here is a poem called “Coffee Cup Thoughts” by Ade M. Campbell. Please write a new poem in this style about coffee:
[enter initial poem as context:]

‘let me live a life — entirely
within the after-burning
sweet kick,
and swig
of a good, strong coffee…

in full-flow
stuck in its warm, energy-glow,
distilled thru the sun’s black fruit —
fired-up — from its froth —
I become — the sun…

filling up with Time…
reinventing gods and myths…
becoming known —
liberating myself above all the world —
in inspiration — pure —
slipping away,
or let down soft — ghostly —
once more, to it all…

…losing to the moon;

returned — into that realm
of locked reflection, gloom —
Distraction in command only of the waves
that will cover all our statues soon
with these strangely crooked,
crafty towers…
straining under
white bag-loads
of sodden, soggy, sand-words.’

Here is the generated response:

You can notice the similar style — and a more optimistic response?

“Sipping Coffee Dreams”

Let me drift away — entirely
within the soothing warmth
of a steaming cup of coffee,
aromatic steam, and rich flavors…

In this peaceful moment,
enveloped in its comforting embrace,
filtered through the roasted beans,
I become the universe…

expanding with each sip,
creating new realities,
discovering [a] true self,
liberated from all worldly burdens,
in pure inspiration.

Without ever breaking this spell,
I float away, weightless and free…
back to the realm of dreams,
where time and space are illusions.

[Until…] reality calls me back… and I return…
renewed and refreshed,
ready to face the world’s challenges,
with a heart full of hope and [a fresh bag of]
coffee[-driven] dreams.



[brackets] indicate my insertions/changes.


Ok, but I’m not completely happy with this version, so I ask for a more precise result using this prompt, so that no lines from my original poem are included:

write a completely new poem in the style of “Coffee Cup Thoughts” by Ade M. Campbell with an ending where the drinker of the coffee is forced back to boring reality after feeling so inspired.

Sipping on my coffee cup,
I feel the warmth and taste erupt
My senses come alive,
In this moment, I truly thrive

The aroma fills the air,
As I take in a deep breath to care
For the caffeine [to flow through] my brain,
Electricity surging in every vein

My mind begins to soar,
As I delve into a world of lore
Creating stories, dreams and more,
With every sip, my imagination roars

But as I reach the bottom of my cup,
The inspiration starts to give up
Reality pulls me back,
The world around me, turn[ing] black

I try to grasp the remaining strands,
Of the world that I had planned
But the caffeine’s magic fades,
Leaving me in a daze

I’m forced to face the truth,
That I must leave this land of youth
Return to the world that’s dull and grey,
Until the next cup comes to play.


April 2023.

Not too shabby? especially if it’s clarification or ideas (rather than abstract or emotional style), that you’re after.

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