A Guide to Being (‘Green-Wise’)

Ade M. Campbell
66 min readMar 16

or ‘How to Draw Energy from a Deeper Understanding of Nature (by joining the Nature-Aware, or Green-Enlightened)’

‘Are you one of the ‘green-wise’? This is a short guidebook of ‘green insight’ to enhance a deeper awareness of ‘what you are’ to Nature on a less spiritual and more scientific level. Featuring original artwork and inspiring quotes from popular science writers on evolution, life and death, prepare your ‘self’ to be changed…

Update your mind to a new, positive perspective, free from what society expects, and learn about permaculture and the power of truly ‘owning’ your life… It’s about time.’

Alternative titles:

‘How to Find and ‘Own’ Your Treasure, buried within Nature’

‘How to Play the Game of Being Alive (in Nature)’

Or, even…

‘How to Sleep the (Real) Sleep of Billionaires’
(A Guide to the Path of Being and Belonging for Everyone!)

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

‘Evolution-Vision: for we’ve only had access to a ‘green awareness’ since 1859!


Intro (Why I’m Writing this Guide…)
More Time in Nature, for our own Health (and Sanity!)
Being Greenwise (1: A Simple, Flexible, Evolving ‘Code’ of Being)
Being Greenwise (2. Helping you to own your Reality)
Permaculture Gardens and a Tribal-Global, Collaborative Species
Control without Controlling
More on ‘Ownership’ (of YOUR reality)
To Sleep The Sleep of Billionaires
The Trends…..
Insight or Awareness of Power
The Weight of Stones in the River of Life and Time
Your Home and Environment
Work and Tools
Treasures in the Fountain
The Fountain and the Balance
Real Treasure Found?
We are Going to Die
The End, and A Beginning
Now You Have Joined ‘the Green-wise’…

Ade M. Campbell

Writer, artist, permaculture explorer of new tech, generative AI, VR, web3, NFTs: Ade’s Press: adespress.blog