Coffee Cup Symphony

Ade M. Campbell
1 min readApr 15, 2023

Poem by Ade M. Campbell x CHAT-GPT

Photo by Guy Basabose on Unsplash

Let me breathe in the essence
of roasted beans and steam,
a daily ritual of awakening
that stirs the poet in me.

In each sip of rich, sweet brew,
I taste the earth and sun,
the labor of those who grew
and harvested these beans as one.

The aroma, warm — inviting,
fills my soul with wonder,
awakening inside a spark igniting
a coffee cup symphony to wander in.

With each swallow — I am renewed,
my senses come alive,
the bitter sweetness imbued
with a power, an energy; it will thrive

In this coffee cup ceremony,
I embrace the numinous,
finding solace and clarity,
in this moment —many shadows, few or illuminated.

So let me linger, a while longer,
savoring the flavors divine,
this morning coffee song,
a melody of the sublime…

That fades as the heart slows,
cowering again, in layer upon layer
from the new and looming, subtle threat
of so much snow forming to settle
and smother us inside
just another older, colder day.



Generated from ‘Coffee Cup Thoughts’ in April 2023 using Chat-GPT website



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