Free NFT / CryptoArt : Giveaways!

Ade M. Campbell
2 min readFeb 10, 2020

Drop me your ETH pub address to receive something…

OG crypto-art NFT to collect on Makersplace

Hi Medium readers, I’m giving away some random, free artwork as NFT / token cryptoart to your Eth/polygon wallets.

It’s mostly just promo for my art, but also since I’ve minted so many extra pieces (partly by accident, in the early days!)

[This post originally published June 2020. Updated 2022….]


I’m an artist, still inspired by crypto/NFTs but these days mostly by the natural world. I use different styles and medias.

Everyone who comments with their address will get something (I will also add your address to a personal list) but… it helps to be interested in my work! Let me know if you’re interested in: ‘OG Crypto-art’ or ‘Nature’ in your comment.

You may receive… an item via Ethereum or Polygon (depending on gas fees). Polygon NFTs are viewable via Opensea and some wallets (but same address as your ETH address).

Optionally, please check out my following projects, follow or sign up to my blog Ade’s Press / Twitter.

Best wishes, and many thanks for any further interest/support for my work/creative projects.

-ade mc

[June 2020, updated 2022.]



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