Ade M. Campbell

It’s good to pose these questions and research. As an artist and blogger on crypto etc there are strong attractions about tokenisation of art. I use MakersPlace. Our art becomes traceable. Proven. The next step should be ‘rentable’. I want to rent my images across multiple dapps or sites on Ethereum, instead of use different stock sites (but this feature not here yet). But for now you can buy from and keep in touch with artists. You can gift them to family. It may be stored decentralised, so it won’t get lost. Why else buy ? Depends on the art. Value in the eyes of the beholder. I also think collectible cards are fascinating now they can be rare items. I’ve made posts about this at but I’m still wrapping head about it. But I’d be bold and say: Every artist needs to tokenise their work! But which platform?

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