On sale… Freshly-minted Rare Art (for ETH)

Ade M. Campbell
2 min readJan 17, 2020

On sale (currently): freshly-pressed Crypto-inspired artwork you can own, registered globally via Ethereum.

These are exciting times, worth depicting via art and illustration.

So load up an Eth wallet (eg. Coinbase, Trust, MetaMask) and grab some rare crypto-inspired collectible artwork/images, minted here in 2020 from Ade’s Press…..

What can you do with your art token? You can ‘hodl’ it or send it to any Ethereum wallet, sell it on (via Opensea etc.) or you can just print it out and display it with pride.

[The original files are stored at Ade’s Press, so you can contact me anytime for me to provide a link to your max. quality image, which you can download.]

All for sale, signed/watermarked via Ade’s Press Mintbase Store ….

Ethereum Hodler 2020

Chainlink Hodler 2020’

The Plan 2020’

Controller 2020’

January 2020 Tokenshot’

Stay tuned for more sporadic Ade’s Press Crypto-art Collectibles….(also on Makersplace)

Meanwhile, read more about tokenising art and crypto-collectibles.

Originally published at http://adespress.blog on January 17, 2020.

Ade M. Campbell

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