So many are missing the point about NFTs

Ade M. Campbell
2 min readMar 14, 2021

It’s not just about a virtual cat, or a Beeple piece. It’s been going on since Cryptokitties a lot earlier.

I’m reading a ton of bad posts from artists, journalists etc. about NFTs and CryptoArt.

You just have to think ahead a little here, and stop reacting to mainstream news reactions.

NFTs of ‘real’ artworks:

Artworks originating from the real world…. WILL soon be stamped or marked in some way by technology that links them to their NFT. This is coming. Yes, Banksy can do this too.

Digital identities via blockchain are coming too.

But going forward more immediately: it’s unlikely you’ll soon find any digital artist NOT minting (or registering) their art on Ethereum or other networks….

Yes, there may be breaches and copyright cases etc, but there will always be these. However, artworks not minted by their original artist will be easier and easier to detect. Just be sure to check as best you can.

So… stop writing reactionary articles to the NFTs currently grabbing headlines and think ahead.

It’s revolutionary.

NFTs and digital scarcity are here.

You didn’t see it coming that’s all because you didn’t do enough research and just wanted to churn out another knee-jerk [sorry] ‘Medium-esque’ rubbish-post —or ‘devil’s advocate’one — that seems to paint you in some pro-’real’ artist rights kind of light.

And as for the ecological footprint… Ethereum is changing and other networks like BSC are fine to use. POW-based blockchain needs cheap, preferably green energy, so many miners are based near to these sources, or are driving a need for green energy.

But this simply won’t stop NFTs or web3 in general from arriving, and indeed, shaking up the art world, and many other worlds too.

So once the hype lessens, get ready for the next phase…adoption.

So, go buy and hodl ETH, at least.

April 2021.



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